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AZEEMA SHEIKH HOSPITAL is an emerging state of the art medical care facility in twin cities of Rawalpindi Islamabad located at 6th Road Rawalpindi . The Hospital is being run by a team of renowned Specialists in the field of Medicine looking after all the needs of Medical team for smooth & uninterrupted provision of quality medical services.

“The Vision of Azeema Sheikh Hospital is development of self-sustainable and potentially growing health care system in the private sector of Pakistan which is determined to deliver the highest standards of medical care to all without exception” Azeema Sheikh Hospital is committed to revolutionize healthcare standards of Pakistan by addressing all major health related issues across the country, provision of a blend of quality medical care without much financial burden upon the society. This policy is being adopted by Hospital management keeping in view the extreme need of our nation.

Our Services

Azeema Sheikh Hospital aims to provide exceptional services 24/7. Our Services includes:

Services & Procedures
We Offer Everything To Ensure Optimal Health
  • ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • Doppler Studies
  • AED & Defibrillator
  • Up to Date Emergency Kit
  • Up to Date Emergency Drugs
  • Advanced Cardiac Monitoring
  • Minor Operations Facility
  • And Many more Just call us